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-- Tropical Fish Food->Miracle Baby



For the purpose of graceful figure, gorgeous sarcoma and so on.

Special features:

1.Special formula designed for high-class aquarium fish such as chlid, Flowerhorn,Red-parrot fish, etc. As the formula contains balanced nutrition it will encourage growth and enhance both
the color and the sarcoma of fish. Feed several times a day as fish needs, beautiful color of fish will be shown in a few days.
2.Contains natural antibody enzymes, vitamins and essential amino acid so as to strengthen the fish's natural immunity, ease absorption and also to promote rapid growth.
3.Fortified with many kinds of enzymes to ease digestion while improving the digestive system oV to reduce excretion so that there is less water contamination.
4.Contains Chiorophyll pink, a large amount of Antarctic Shrimps and other natural high protein co lour enhancer -- two weeks course of this meal should bring forth radiant health and gorgeous shine from the fish.


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